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Firma SYNYO zainteresowana współpracą w projektach ICT

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SYNYO GmbH, an SME based in Vienna, Austria, is currently looking to partner with leading organizations on inventive proposals for the Horizon 2020 initiative. We are an independent research, innovation and technology hub, that explores, develops and implements novel technologies to tackle business and societal challenges. Concentrating on research at the intersection of ICT & Society, the interdisciplinary team at SYNYO is specialized in various fields such as software engineering, big data visualisations, collaboration platforms and decision support systems.

Our motivated team of academics, specialize in researching and engineering novel ICT-based solutions that address key societal issues, in the fields of Data Analytics & Information Visualisation, Social Software, Security & Urban Governance, and Smart Technologies. In addition, SYNYO has vast experience in all project management actions, including timely dissemination activities. We are currently coordinating two pioneering FP7 projects, OpenDataMonitor, and Graffolution and we are excited to extend our research scope for Horizon 2020. Enclosed you will find our profile and values, as well as our core research and technical proficiencies.

SYNYO is currently offering collaboration for future projects that use ICT to address challenges, in the fields of secure and inclusive societies, and smart cities. Some of the upcoming funding calls in line with our interests include:

H2020 Health, Demographic Change & Wellbeing
H2020 Smart Cities and Communities
H2020 Secure Societies
H2020 Inclusive Societies

Link to a more detailed description of SYNYO’s profile